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[Aliens] Server Rules

Postby [Aliens]heCKLes » Tue Sep 04, 2007 10:02 am

Aliens Clan Admins reserve the right to kick people for the following:

  • To make room for another Clan Member or friend of Aliens Clan.
  • Anyone with a ping of 100+ may be kicked, depending on lag issues.
  • Anyone using foul, rascist language will be kicked. Persistent bad language will result in a ban.
  • Abusive behaviour towards anyone, especially our Admins
  • Anyone not following the RoE, or in-house rules.

Aliens Clan Admins also reserve the right to kick people not following these rules:
  • No deliberate teamkilling (for vehicles etc.)
  • No bunnyhopping/pronespamming..
    A soldier doesn't jump like damn rubber ball.. However, throwing grenades, jumping over static objects like walls etc is allowed, but jumping every 2 steps to avoid gunfire in NOT!!
  • No seatswitching in helicopter or jet (Get yourself a gunner)
  • No flying commanders
  • No commanders in IO mode.
  • No attacking uncaps (bases/flags that cannot be captured)
    Spec Ops ONLY to enter these bases for the purpose of demolishing Commander Assets
    This includes USMC Carriers
    No artillery either
  • No cheating/glitching of any kind.
    incl Statspadding, map bug abuse etc
  • No spamming/flooding the server with text/radio messages.
  • No cartillery to kill or damage!!!!
  • No behaviour that is disruptive to the natural progression of the game.
  • No cheat accusations!
    If you have something to report, take a screenshot and post in our forums.
Other things to think about:
  • Camping is allowed.
  • Talk English or Swedish on the server please.
  • Remember, our admins enjoy playing the game also. Please don't keep interrupting their game.
  • No recruiting is allowed on our servers, EVER!
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