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Server Idea's

PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2014 3:54 pm
by [Aliens]kronenbourg
Hi, Spoke to Solifer, and he feels this is a good idea as well. This is my suggestion:

So, here goes. We all know that a certain amount of people donate. This is down to rescources, jobs etc, so I know some have to watch their outgoings, which is perfectly fine. So, this is the reason why paying for a server for 6 months etc is a bit deflating for the odd few that pay regulary.

So, my idea is this.

We still donate etc as normal, but there is a list of who has dontated etc. Then, once a month we go for a server choice of one of those donors.

So, for example, say Bjorne is one of the donators (along with 5 or so others). For that month, Bjorne picks the game for the server. So, he may pick a Chivalery server.

We get it via Fragnet etc, mabe use Procon to set it up (if that is the tool to use etc), and that is the server we have for that month. If no-one plays it etc, no big deal. We have that on BF4 already. Then, at the end of the month, it expires, simple as that.

Then, after a week or so, we look at the list of donors again, and pick the next name. This time it could be Wookie, and he wanted a Sniper Elite server (if they do them), and we set it up etc.

I feel that this may be a good thing, as many of us use Steam etc, and play many other games than just BF4. I still play BF3, as well as many others.

Having a BF4 server only dies a death thru the week, and then on a Friday, if IF we get the players, it starts up.

Posting a basic list of games etc below

Re: Server Idea's

PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2014 3:54 pm
by [Aliens]kronenbourg
Obviously there is a lot more games out there, and if the one you want isn't on, let me know, and I'll find out if we can get one:

Fragnet games:

This is the list, obviously there are DLC's etc, but the general list is:

7 Days to Die
Americas Army 2
Armed Assualt 2 & 3
Assetto Corsa
Babo Violent 2
Bad Company 2
Battlefield 2, 2142, 3 & 4
Call of Duty, UO, 2, 4, WaW & MW3
Counter Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, GO
Cube World
Day of Defeat
Enemy Territory, Quake Wars
Halflife 2
Killing Floor
Left for Dead, 2
Medal of Honour, Allied Assualt, Spearhead, Warfighter
Multi Thef Auto
Natural Selection
Project Zomboid
Quake 4
Red Orchestra
Serious Sam
Soldier of Fortune
Space Engineers
Team Fortress
Urban Terror
Unreal Tournament
Zombie Master
Multiplay (extra games not above)

Ace of Spades
Battlefield Heroes, Play 4 Free
Crysis 3
Farming Simulator 2013
Kerbal Space Program
ShootMania Storm
Sniper Elite V2, 3
Strike Vector
Trackmania 2 - Canyon, Stadium, Valley
War of the Roses
War of the Vikings
Gaming Deluxe:

Alien vs Predator 2
Deus Ex
Frontlines Fuel of War
Ghost Recon 2
Rising Storm
Sniper Ghost Warrior
Tactical Ops

Will look on other providers, based on the game (if not in the above listing)

Re: Server Idea's

PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:47 pm
by [Aliens]WITTY
The server dies in the week because of the maps and game modes on it....look at the servers that are busy and use the same map list...Im sure one of the servers that BIA
run changes from DOM/TDM to CNQ when the amount of players goes they are not trying to start a large conquest with 4 players...

Re: Server Idea's

PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:09 pm
by [Aliens]kronenbourg
But I think we tried an entire Domination list once, and people got bored and left to play conquest.

I'll get it set just tdm/dom and see how it goes for Friday.

It expires on 4th November, so we'll set it up and leave it on those modes till then.

After that, we may as well try a different route, as no-one plays on it thru the week, and sometimes on a Friday if its just 4 or 5 people in there, people get fedup and leave to populated servers.

Re: Server Idea's

PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:16 pm
by [Aliens]kronenbourg
Just thought I may say, if its a huge sucess, we'll get an extension, but need a few more inputs.

I know we have voting on, but it will only be tdm/dom, so no vehicals.

We have the sniper limit as well, so will see how it goes :yes: :yes:

Re: Server Idea's

PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2014 8:06 am
by [Aliens]solifer
Im happy with either , like most gameplay as long as we are a few aliens on itt

Re: Server Idea's

PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2014 11:03 am
by [Aliens]kronenbourg
Put TDM/Dom on, and it only really filled up at 11pm. At that point, all I could hear was people saying they were bored of the small maps, bring on the conquest.

I know you say BIA uses small maps and it works, but look at BOB. They have large maps, and it works as well. I think its all a matter of what server is well known out there.

So, I was thinking of this: Just Naval maps (all modes) for a week. Then just Second Assualt (all modes) etc.

Rename server:

Aliens Naval Strike - 24/7

So that people know what it is. Worth a bash, I'll set it up today

Re: Server Idea's

PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 8:29 pm
by [Aliens]WITTY
If you read my post again, it says that they have a system in place that alters the game mode dependant on the amount of players on the must be a plugin
of some sort? All map types get boring after too many rounds....

Re: Server Idea's

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 10:50 am
by [Aliens]solifer
Procon do have a plugin?? i guess? but what do we use now KRO

Re: Server Idea's

PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:39 pm
by [Aliens]kronenbourg
We use Rconnet, as Procon kept crashing. I'll have a look and see if they have anything.

Didn't realise you meant that Witty, sorry about that :cry: