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Performance tips

Postby [Aliens]solifer » Wed Oct 28, 2009 3:12 pm

the main tips are:

Use dx9 mode as it has literally no visual difference, but improves performance greatly (about 10%).

Antialiasing has almost no visual impact, if disabled the game runs much smoother.

Activate AF when you have a Geforce 8800 card. Doesn´t decrease the performance that much.

The game runs 2x faster on Gamer than Enthusiast. If compared to Enthusiast Gamer doesn´t look that worse.

A quick Core 2 Duo is enough, a Quad Core has no impact on performance.

you need 2 GB of RAM, 3GB+ doesn´t have an impact on performance.

now to the graphic settings:

resolution: if you decrease it from 1680x1050 to 1280x1050 you get a FPS increase of 15%. If again turned down to 1024x768, performance again increases greatly (20%).

texture quality: turn to max if you have a GPU of 512 MB. Doesn´t bring much of a performance increase if lowered.

object quality: On lower settings the grass vanishes and objects like barrels loose detail. But the processor works faster (10%).

shadow quality: On minimum details the game runs about 1/3 faster than it would with max details. But the jungle extremely looses atmosphere.

physic quality: If turned to low settings then you can´t destroy buildings anymore for example. The game runs 10% faster, but only turn this down if it´s the last option.

shader quality: The biggest influence on the performance have the different shader settings. On "enthusiast" you get 23 fps, on "gamer" 31, on "mainstream" 46 and on "minimum" 84 fps. The image quality suffers significantly, especially in "minimum" quality do lighting, shadows and motion disappear and the sky is replaced through a static image.

volumetric effect quality: The smoke looks good, but cost performance. If turned to minimum you get about 10% more performance.

game effects quality: Game effects mainly effect dead bodies. On minimum they disappear faster and you get 10% more performance.

post-processing quality: Mainly effects performance in sunny places. On minimum Warhead runs 40% faster in these areas then on enthusiast. But the performance increase greatly varies. Sometimes you hardly feel the increase in performance.

particle quailty: Realistic smoke simulations cost performance. If turned to low the CPU works 10% faster

water quality: Especially effects performance at the beach. In other areas it doesn´t have much of an impact on performance. You get 25 FPS more when turned to minimum (at the beach).

sound quality: Sound doesn´t effect performance. Turn it to max.
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