keybinding quickchat commands

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keybinding quickchat commands

Postby [Aliens]Scandhi » Wed Dec 26, 2007 1:05 am

HI m8s! I got a little prob for you. I wanna get some quickchat bindings to work to numbers 1 -> 0 "multi contact" etc I only got three out of ten to work. what could be wrong?
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Postby [Aliens]RigRock » Wed Jan 02, 2008 10:23 pm

CoD4 Voice Commands
Written by jockyitch
Friday, 14 December 2007
For those of you who remember reading the article on Voice commands, Bind "Calls" Tutorial in our CoD2 Tweak section, we are very happy to tell you that in CoD4, these commands work in much the same way.

Voice commands allow your avatar to yell out Commands, Quick Messages and Responses in-game. Examples of these commands are:

"Attack left flank!"

All of these calls have been pre-set by Infinity Ward and can be accessed in the game in two ways.

Method 1: Quick Chat Menu

In the main menu screen in CoD4, select


Now, bind a key to the Quick Chat command. E.g. the "U" key.

When you are in the game, selecting the "U" key will bring up the Quick Chat menu. There are 3 sub commands that you will then be able to choose from

1. Commands
2. Statements
3. Responses

Selecting these sub-menus selects yet another menu screen on which you find between 6-8 calls.

While it is simple to use this method requires you to execute multiple key clicks which takes a great deal of time and manual dexterity. I would not suggest using this technique during a tight game - by the time you figure out which key click is the right one, you probably will get fragged. Having said this, I have noticed that many players memorize the sequence of key clicks and can get quite efficient with this technique.

Method 2: The Console

Step 1. Enter the in-game Console (requires enabling in the Main Menu) by selecting the tilde (~) key.

Step 2. Enter the following command:


Step 3. Exit the Console: select the tilde key again (~).

Step 4. The Quick Chat menu system will come up, select one of the three choices: Commands/Statements/Responses.

This method is similar to Method 1 and is quite tedious.

Method 3: Binds

As in CoD2, there are three sets of call out options:


If you would like to bind a key with one of the preset call outs, you can add one or more of the following binds in your config_mp.cfg file. The comments in red need not be typed.

bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 1" // On Me!
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 2" // Move In!
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 3" // Fall Back!
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 4" // Base of Fire!
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 5" // Attack Left Flank!
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 6" // Attack Right Flank!
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 7" // Hold this Position!
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 8" // Regroup!

bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 1" // Contact!
bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 2" // Multiple Contacts!
bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 3" // I'm in Position
bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 4" // Area Secure
bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 5" // Watch Your Six!
bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 6" // Sniper!
bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 7" // Need Reinforcements

bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 1" // Roger
bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 2" // Negative
bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 3" // Moving
bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 4" // Sorry
bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 5" // Nice Shot
bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 6" // Come On

where # is the keyboard key of your choice.

For example, to ask one of your team-mates to turn around, add this bind, using the "K" key, in your config_mp.cfg file :

bind K "openScriptMenu quickstatements 5"

Here's an example of the first few lines of a config_mp.cfg file. The quickResponse, Command and Statements commands are used, bound to the I,K,O,L and P keys, respectively:

bind I "openScriptMenu quickresponses 4" // = Sorry!
bind K "openScriptMenu quickresponses 5" // = Nice Shot!
bind O "openScriptMenu quickcommands 5" // = Attack Left Flank
bind L "openScriptMenu quickcommands 6" // = Attack Right Flank
bind P "openScriptMenu quickstatements 7" //= Need Reinforcements
As we said in our CoD2 post on this subject, hear you on the battlefield!
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Postby [Aliens]Scandhi » Thu Jan 03, 2008 1:57 am

Cheers1 See if it will help. Havin some PRm time now, i'll get in on when i can.
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