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pc bits for sale

Postby WOOKIE1974 » Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:23 am

okay so i am having a bit of a clearout of my old stuff and came across a few bits that i could do with selling to finish off upgrading my pc, so if anyones interested then just message me on the forums.

1) Intel pentium D 925 3.0ghz (duel core) with 4mb cache socket 775 ( I bought it second hand but never got round to using it so its been sat in a cpu box for 6months) £25 + £5 p+p (uk recorded delivery)

2) 4 x 1gb sticks of OCZ pc2-6400 ddr2-800 low latency (4-4-4-15) ATi crossfire edition ram, matched pairs (these work on any ddr2 board with win7 even nvidia boards) £45 + £5.90 (p+p recorded delivery)

the ram is up for sale on ebay but if any of you guys want it then i can pull the auction on ebay at any time

3) Amd athlon 64bit 3700+ 2.2ghz cpu with 1mb cache socket 939 + gigabyte 4200rpm 3drocket cpu cooler (ideal for a standard home pc with win7, vista or xp) (£10 + £8 p+p recorded delivery)

i can ship this stuff abroad if needs be but ill have to find out courier prices first :)

cheers guys


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