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Postby [Aliens]Chrille » Sat Oct 17, 2009 7:52 am

ok here's to kro how to edit youre messages in bf2 after that youve been killed!

for an example:
when you get blown up in a tank, you will not be revived you are dead, and if you type up something it will be like this

[Aliens]Chrille(DEAD)= darn it i died

all credits go to viking from essex helping me out this is the walkthrough he sent to me

Hi mate - good to see you here.

OK, here are the instructions which should help you. Start by making sure you can see the extensions to files, not just the name of the file (for example a Word document should show as 'test.doc' NOT as 'test' )

1. Open Windows Explorer, and go to where your BF 2 game is installed
Mine is here C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2

2. Go to the folder under that called 'modsbf2LocalizationEnglish'
Mine is (full path) C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2modsbf2LocalizationEnglish

3. The file you need to change is in that folder, and is called English.utxt
Note that it is UTXT and it can be opened with Notepad (recommended for this purpose)

4. IMPORTANT - BACK UP THE ORIGINAL English.utxt file (right click it and copy it, then paste it to some other safe location on your hard drive (I made a folder called 'Original BF2 files' for that purpose)

5. Open English.utxt with Notepad, and do an Edit/Find.. for the word 'DEADPREFIX' (no quote marks)

6. You will come to a line which says:-

7. REPLACE that line with this line

8. Save the file and that is you sorted.

9. You can change the words 'from VALHALLA' to be what you want, but make sure and leave EXACTLY the same spaces and characters on either side of it or it will not work correctly.


here's some other stuff that i also edited for fun :P youre the only one thats gonna be able to see it on youre screen but it gives you a laugh!

For instance when someone teamkills me it says:-
That bastard Teamkilled you!! want to forgive him?

Then, depending on whether or not I punish it says:-
Punish him! Punish him!!
You chose to forgive the moron, but he's are still a moron.

The whole section in the utxt file is here:-

HUD_TEXT_TEAMKILLED_CHOICE that bastard teamkilled you! want to forgive him?
HUD_TEXT_TEAMKILL_PUNISH Punish him! Punish him!!
HUD_TEXT_TEAMKILL_FORGIVE You chose to forgive the moron, but they are still a moron.

Play around with the file, you can always go back to the original if you have backed it up like I told you!
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