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Postby [Aliens]solifer » Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:05 am

panzer911 wrote:your lucky , I bought a avaitor av8-2 joystick and that does not work at all ps it should work on my x box but no good. I still got it under warranty sent e mail to support . but useless they suggest returning paying for postage /insurance,not refundable.cant get a refund
if it gets damaged through the post ( they wont repair it.)
so ive chosen for the easy option ,taken it to local pc shop I think the usb cable is at fault ( when i switch on console (x box) and press the button on the joystick it just does not work) :x the button should flash (yellow ) like on the console. its just like an insurance policy that does not cover you, so the lesson is buyer beware.
they quite happy to get your money,but when it comes to getting anythink done ,your just wasting your time when its clearly obvious there is a fault with the item (purchased) its like banging your head against abrick wall :x Q-#

So true , to be honest i have been lucky when using warranty and such, so far i got replacement or refunds but many dont .
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