Colour in name for COD4

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Colour in name for COD4

Postby [Aliens]solifer » Tue Nov 20, 2007 3:55 pm

As for all FarCry gamers in aliens , we all remember that we could use our colours!

This we can go back to in cod4!
As you all can see aliens name in server uses right colours!
his i want ALL aliens to do in COD4

For colours u must do this:

press: shift + ^
this will give u this ^. After that press any other number and begin typing. Pressing a different number after ^ will give u a different colour

^3 [Aliens]^4 Solifer

RigRocks workaround will work

Edit config_mp.cfg
find seta name "your name"
seta name "^3[Aliens]^4Solifer"
This works for my name all letters, not sure it works with more letters?

^1 = red
^2 = green
^3 = yellow
^4 = dark blue
^5 = light blue
^6 = pink
^7 = white
^8 = red for russian map, blue for british map and green for american map. (yes it changes for the types of maps)
^9 = grey
^0 = black

By putting ^# where the # is a number (see below) will change the color of any letters following it.

For example "^1*MyClanTag*^PlayerName" will look like MyClanTagPlayerName (Tanx RigRock For this info)
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