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How do I report abuse of the scoring and ranking system?

If you have had your score and rank reset, please refer to the article found here.

If you have found that someone is abusing the ranking system for Battlefield, and you wish to report them, it is recommended that you submit any or all of the following:

The screenname of the offender.
A screenshot of the action as it is taking place.
A screenshot of the main score screen.
Note: Having a screenshot is not necessary, but will help with taking action against the offending player.
Submit the information throught the Contact Us tab.
Once the infraction has been fully reviewed and verified the appropriate action will be taken against that account. You will not receive an update on the action taken.

Note: Incorrectly reporting or creating false reports of another player abusing the ranking system is a violation of the Terms of Service and actions will not be taken.


To save a screenshot:

Press the PrtScn or Print Screen key when the screen you want to save appears. The Print Screen key is usually located above the arrow keys on most keyboards. This will save an image of your screen in your Windows Clipboard.
Open any image editing software (Paint, Photoshop, PhotoImage, etc.).
Create a new image.
Select Edit.
Select Paste.
Save the file as a .jpg file (to keep the filesize down).


To submit the screenshot:

Click the Contact Us tab at the top of this page.
Under Platform & Game select:
Battlefield 2 or Battlefield 2142
Next under Category select:
Rules and Policies
Terms of Service
Now enter the details of the infraction, including the user names and server they were last seen on.
Click the Add an attachment button at the bottom of the page.
Use the browse window that pops up to find the screenshot file on your computer.
Click Save.
It may take a minute or two to upload (depending on the size of the file), but once it's done, the screenshot will be permanently attached to your support incident. Once this is done we will research and verify the infraction submitted.
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