Great Friday Night

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Great Friday Night

Postby [Aliens]kronenbourg » Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:23 pm

Hi Guys

Great night last night. We tried to get both servers going, but after 3 hours, it just didn't go above 6 or so players. happens some nights.

Anyway, we went to a server, and after a few bad rounds (for me anyway), I felt that we played excellent on a few maps. Damavand Peak was excellent teamwork, with Polka in the chopper, keeping an eye on the back flags. Great communication :yes:

Then, grand bazar. Great again, teamwork and looking where others were went really well.

A few other maps, but at the end of the night it was just me, Estralion and Polka on my hated map (and Polka's fav), Caspian Border.

I actually enjoyed it, if that makes sense. Again, due to teamwork and talking.

Look forward to the next nights, just a shame I had to go early, as I had to get up very early for work.


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Re: Great Friday Night

Postby Polka_Bravo_946 » Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:57 am

best night i had gaming in quite a while! thanks to all involved! and a special thanks to Kro given that he was "not going to stay up for long because im working tomorow" :lol:
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